Banjo Frank's Music

No Agent

In Xanadu
did Xenophon
the xylophone
for spare change play
those were strange days
as I recall
but aren't they all
strange days in Xanadu
strange days in Xanadu

I play for people who pass by
they wish I'd go somewhere and die
you play for anonymous hordes roaring
in the unlit darkness
and deal with the endless stress
of an endless stream
of leeches who
want from you
honey your way is unwholesome
no wonder you're unhappy
my way is real and refreshing
I roll merrily along
singing my stupid folk songs
on Irving Street at night
and at BART stations in the daytime
BART stations in the daytime
and Irving Street at night

My back hurts and a drowsy
numbness pains my feet
as I stand here with my banjo
at my spot on Irving Street
where the harsh ones hate my guts
and the nice ones think I'm nuts
I can't stand it anymore
but hell I've said that before
here I stand
here I stand
here I stand
and its one more night in banjoman land
and I'd fire my agent
if I had me an agent to fire
but hell I ain't got me no damn agent
so I don't got no agent to fire

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