Banjo Frank's Music

Huddie Ledbetter

Way back when Shreveport Louisiana
was Mr. Tom Hughes town
well here comes a young boy
he take him a look around
now the beer tastes bitter
but the music is sweet
and the women they sure pretty
down on Fannon Street

Well that was Huddie Ledbetter
he was a mighty man
he was born and raised
way down in Louisian'
they say he killed a feller
at some tough East Texas bar
you don't mess with the king
of the 12 string guitar

Well the judge said guilty
throwed him in the penitentiary
but the Governor said
we gonna set Ledbelly free
yeah they throwed you in prison
Leadbelly and you sang yourself free
aw Huddie Ledbetter
shine your light on me

Huddie Ledbetter
he been here and gone
Huddie Ledbetter
he done sang his song
and he sang it hard
Leadbelly he sang it strong
Huddie Ledbetter
he been here and gone

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