Banjo Frank's Music

Danville Road

Amos was an engineer
on the Danville Road
met up with a gal in town
her name was Becky Ann
Becky was the finest gal
that Amos ever knowed
and Amos he was Becky's kind of man

Wedding bells were ringin
at the church on Sunday morn
Amos brought a ring
and Becky dressed in white
but come that Sunday evening
poor Becky was forlorn
cause Amos had to drive his train that night

Amos you be careful now
said Becky to her man
don't you have no trainwreck darlin
drive your engine right
and Amos said don't worry gal
aw don't cry Becky Ann
I'll be right here with you tomorrow night

Oh many are the dangers
of an engine drivers life
those fast locomotives
they sometimes jump the tracks
and many are the worries
of an engine driver's wife
poor Becky was a-feared
that her man would not come back

And all day long on Sunday
didn't Becky worry so
she fretted and she cried out
darlin please come back to me
then Amos he walked in the door
and smiled and said hello
and Becky she was happy as could be

Amos was an engineer
on the Danville Road...

Note: This is one ot the 70's songs on the Greatest Hits concept album. That's Mike on reggae rhythm banjo and I'm playing bass.

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