Banjo Frank's Music

Busride to Nowhere

Someday on a Greyhound bus
you're gonna go for a ride
a man will take your ticket and then
you'll be inside
with a window to look thru
a magazine to pass the time
and a stranger to talk to
and a cigarette to soothe your mind

You'll look thru the window
see the little towns go by
and when don't work
you'll give the magazine a try
then you'll talk to the stranger
ask him where he's goin to
and you'll light a cigarette
when there ain't nothin else to do

Strange fantasy movie shows factories and bars
churches and truckstops bridges and railroad yards
street signs and hotels
and motels and telephone poles
on a busride to nowhere rollin down an endless road

Note: I wrote this song in 1974. This recording of it is from I think '77, so it does provide a little sample of how I sounded back then. 12 string guitar was my instrument in those days.

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